How to Save Money on Moving?

Moving with furniture from one city to another is always a very hectic and challenging task. Under normal circumstances, at one point of your life, you will have to move properties to another place. Acquainting yourself with movement activities is the first step in ensuring a successful move. If I knew some of the information shared here before, I would not have gone through the heck of paying excessively during my move. So far, I have conducted three movements, one local, and two internationals. During this period, I learned great deals about moving – especially how to cut short the moving expenses. I acquired strategies used for a cost effective relocation. My first moving experience is a nightmare, and I regretted wasting a lot of money. Fortunately, through the mistakes made, I had my lesson! And I have earned a lot of experiences, which I would like to share here.
I must admit that many moving expenses are mandatory, but there are ways of reducing them. Comparing different prices and planning ahead of time are particularly important for a successful relocation.

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Hiring Professionals Vs DIY Moving
My initial relocation processes were not very successful because I did not like hiring removalist service. Honestly, I used to think that hiring furniture removalists would cost much. However, during my second move, as I was struggling to recruit relatives into the quest, my wife brought in the idea of hiring a professional removalist services in the city. Although she knew I would not accept, she was only informing me that she hired professionals, and they were on their way. I thought of undoing the act, but it was too late, and all I did was to quarrel with my wife. But guess what? Later on, I thanked her! It is far much better and less expensive that doing it yourself. Some advantages of hiring professionals include:
Saves time: Since they have enough experience, professionals will take less time moving your properties, unlike DIY or getting help from your relatives. In fact, it is a tough task for me to let my relatives show up at the same time. Most of them will take much time coming to your place, and will not even bother that you may be getting late. You will see them pack things slowly as they make stories, and if you try to make them hurry, some can even decide to quit the job!
Convenient: Professionals come with their truck. Depending on the furniture and amount of properties you need to transport, they may come with either a large, or a medium sized truck.
Cheap: After paying, you will never have to incur extra costs. I thanked my wife for hiring certified removalist because I discovered it was cheaper. Although getting help from relatives and friends appears a cheaper option, in the long run, it is the most expensive. The cost of buying food and giving them some little motivation here and there was more expensive than just hiring a professional.

Save Money on Packing
Most moving companies offer packing services to their clients. Packing cost depends on the number of household items and furniture you possess. From my experience, you can save on packing costs too. Load your properties into the truck, and do the same during offloading. By that, you will free yourself from the extra loading costs companies are taking.

On life, love and being Judged.

The job of a marriage counsellor is not the most enviable one under the sun. Often, a marriage counsellor is also a qualified psychologist with a vast experience of having brought happiness and calm into the lives of many couples and saving numerous ships from sinking. Marriage counselling should be non-judgmental and so often times a partner is afraid of how they will be viewed upon by their family, counsellor and the world.Many a times couple approaching a marriage counsellor are unprepared and do not come prepared to some of the toughest questions that they may face.

Judged On Life.

The very fact that relationship issues in a marriage counselling by an external force is indicative of the pent-up duress. Even when the decision to take things to a marriage counsellor has been reached, the nerves do not calm down, and the mind continues to be in a turbid state. For an example look at this, this and this example. It is in this background that a marriage counsellor enters the scene and attempts to broker peace between two warring minds, in this case, a husband and a wife. Everything from the word ‘go’ has to be measured, sensitised and cohesive to produce the desired result.

Following are among some of the toughest questions or situations that one can face with a marriage counsellor.

Personal history and childhood information

In many instances, a first session with the marriage counsellor starts with questions related to childhood. Individuals seeking to counsel may tend to think that their childhood or upbringing has no impact on the marital problem they are facing now. But, for a marriage counsellor the type of home that you were brought up, the kind of relationships you had in those days and the views about marital life that you developed in your childhood/adolescence are all vital for the marriage counsellor.

For instance, if you grew up in the midst of parents who always started a fight for the flimsiest reason, or you have a single mother who had frequent and unhealthy relationships, it will leave indelible imprints in your mind. Many of our beliefs are developed during childhood, and they include beliefs about the world, about ourselves and other people and what we see and hear around us during that time frame, will have a permanent impact on our lives. Religious beliefs, substance abuse, religious preferences are also among influencing factors.

Past relationships

Your past relationships will come into focus. Individuals with one or more past relationships that soured will tend to disclose most of the sour points. But that can potentially work in the opposite direction because the solution that your counsellor comes up with can potentially be half-baked.

Your marriage history

All those small romantic events before you decided to enter wedlock will now become important for your marriage counsellor to examine the causes for the present disenchantment. If you cannot recall them with pain, or pleasure, that can send strong signals about the quality of your relationship? Where infatuation was at the core of your marriage, obviously that will taper down as the year’s roll by and you start raising a family, perhaps. The ability to care and share needs to take over to fill the gap created by physical intimacy.

Get ready to have a role playing video like the following during your session which I simply hated.

Present problems

What triggered the present problems will come into focus. You should be able to ponder and point to where it all started. In a significant number of instances ego would have played a crucial role and who should play down one or more events comes to the fore. Flirting or doubts about flirting is another large enemy of a happy marital life.

Strong points in the relationship

Bringing up high points in a relationship at a time when it has soured to a point where one or both partners are seeking external counsel is not the easiest task. Often, the soreness is at the top and individuals are unable to use the reverse gear and see the glorious moments in which the relationship flourished. Every effort should be made to retrace your steps to those points and analyse the present situation in the light of the colourful days of the past. In some instances, the cause of the soreness may be trivial and revisiting the small events leading up to aggravation with the help of the counsellor can be a huge help. Your counsellor can potentially put things in a different perspective, and that could influence your attitude towards the relationship.

Your goals

Gaining adequate on your goals is another important part of your consultations with a marriage counsellor. What are the possible best case scenarios? Or, what are the worst case scenarios? What challenges lie ahead. There can be several years ahead in your life and life does not move on an even keel at all stages. What about the children? How would a parting impact them, particularly when they are too young to understand what is happening between their parents. Perhaps, for the sake of your kids, is it worth considering a compromise and re-kindle your lost love? How can you calm your nerves to infuse more clarity in your thinking? Maybe, you would want to try something like deep meditation for some time.

Personal finance

Personal finance plays a significant role in many relationships. Perhaps you have joint ownership of some asset classes. Then, when children are involved, the responsibility of bringing them up and expenses on that count are to be determined. The financial health of both partners will play a crucial role in reaching mutually acceptable agreements.


A marital relationship is not a one-way journey. The ability to understand, love, and accommodate each other’s physical and mental makeup, willingness to change course when needed, and above all the pride associated with a happy family will work as the adrenalin to sustain a healthy relationship. Learning from scores of happily married friends/relatives, willingness to make adjustments, playing ego down, and focusing on adding colour to the long years ahead is a strong medicine to heal wounds in a relationship. Breaking a mud pot does not take any effort, but think of the one who makes it!

Getting Better With Osteo

Do you enjoy the feeling of your muscles being active and your body pumping with energy? Osteopathy is often compared to a short, intensive and effective workout – and deservedly so.

But what exactly is osteopathy? Is it something complex? What medication does it involve?

Actually, osteopathy might be the most natural alternative method we have at our disposal. It involves massaging, stretching or moving one’s muscles, joints or spine. It does not rely on any drugs or heavy medicine and is conducted by specialists called osteopaths.

Osteopathy is a fully natural approach to  improve your body’s overall health. Osteopaths take care of any injured body part you have, but they actually go well beyond that. Their aim is to maintain your body’s global balance and functioning. This is the reason osteopathy is labeled as a holistic treatment (focusing on the whole human organism instead of only parts of it).

An interesting fact on the origin of the word: in Ancient Greek “osteone” means structure and “pathos” means pain. A fitting name, as osteopathy is one of the best ways to treat structural pain present in your body.

How to decide if it is time for osteopathy?

As with any treatment, osteopathy has an effect when applied in specific situations. Osteopathic medicine can be of great help if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Back pain
  • Sports injuries (including the famous Golfer/Tennis elbow)
  • High levels of stress
  • Head and neck pain
  • Disc problems
  • Shoulder pain
  • General joint pain
  • Headache or migraine
  • Arthritis or rheumatism
  • Sinus pain
  • Neuralgia
  • Digestive problems

In such cases osteopathy is a breath of fresh air in comparison with standard medicine-based treatments. Instead of relying on drug usage and chemical substances, it provides you with a natural alternative supported by patients and practitioners alike. Besides, osteopathy – unlike lengthy standard treatments, shows its effect rather fast. If your symptoms are not chronic, you might feel a change and experience pain relief after only a few visits.

Osteopathy practice and notable osteopathic techniques

Similar to other alternative or standard medical practices, an osteopathy session starts with a background check on your medical history. The osteopath will look through your history and might ask you additional questions on your problem and symptoms. A true specialist will also examine you by taking diagnostic, neurological and orthopaedic tests to assess the situation better. A timelog of your workouts or exercising might also be demanded.

During the examination, you might be asked to move around or stand in your underwear, exercising active or passive body movements. Your osteopath might require of you to sign a consent form as a proof that you have given your approval to conduct such a treatment.

With such a definition, you might think that osteopathy is easy to do. However, there is a specific technique the osteopaths utilize when massaging, moving or stretching your muscles or joints. This technique is called osteopathic palpation and is a product of years of education and practice.

Osteopathic palpation is the fundamental of four osteopathy techniques that are widely distributed as a practice. During your sessions your specialist will probably employ one or more of these. The four most famous treatment techniques in osteopathy are:

Soft tissue manipulation

In this case the osteopath turns his or her attention to body tissues and the state they are in. A common focus is the fascia – the connective tissue that is spread throughout our whole body and links the body’s structures. By manipulating it, specialists make sure to relax existing tension and provide a proper balance in the whole body. Soft tissue manipulation also helps with the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid.

Cranial osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy requires the most mastery of all other techniques due to its delicate nature. It is also the most gentle way doctors of osteopathy conduct their treatment.

The focus of this technique lies on the skull and its contents. Osteopaths will employ cranial osteopathy to first assess and then improve skull mobility. However, they can also treat other delicate parts like your sacrum or your spine. The gentle approach aims to restore your blood circulation balance and delve into your body’s biorhythm.

(Osteopathic) articular technique

The articular technique is focused on the joints found throughout your body. It might be preceded by some soft tissue manipulation to prepare the area that will be worked on. In its essence, this technique will involve your osteopath moving two joint surfaces in a careful way to achieve the desired relieving result.

Visceral manipulation

A more specific, yet fairly distributed technique, visceral manipulation is aimed at treatment of the inner part of your body – that means organs or viscera. Your osteopathist will carefully move the part in question and manipulate the fascia in order to improve the organ’s condition and movement. Organs susceptible to visceral manipulation include:

  • Bladder
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Stomach or intestines
  • Pancreas

Keep in mind that if a certain technique doesn’t suit you or you are not comfortable with it, you can always ask of your osteopath to employ another one. As this is your health and true professionals are flexible in their approach to osteopathic treatment, there should be no problem with your custom wants and needs. Two certified professionals – Alexander Nicholas and Evan Nicholas, discuss in their work “Atlas of Osteopathic Techniques” that there is a great variety of applicable techniques to fit a patient’s preferences. Any certified doctor of osteopathy should be able to employ them without hesitation.

Osteopathy benefits and related side effects

As a natural treatment, osteopathy comes with side effects that are akin to the natural reception of our body. In other words, you might feel temporary fatigue or a slight headache after the session with your osteopath. Just like a workout you might also feel muscle pain or some soreness. The aftereffects are, however, only temporary. In most cases they won’t last more than a day or two.

More serious complications include damage to the spinal chord or even strokes. Seeking the services of a professional osteopath will eliminate the chance of any body damage happening.

Osteopathy has many benefits for your well-being. It drastically improves your body’s mobility and strengthens the immune system. It also ensures the effective functioning of various systems like the nervous, lymphatic or circulatory system.

In case of a condition having to do with body part pain (joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, headaches and more), osteopathy leads to a fast and long lasting pain relief. It also eliminates joint stiffness, reduces existing body tension and helps with any spinal problems you have due to poor posture. If you are having problems with high blood pressure, osteopathy will take care of that: it will both reduce blood pressure levels and optimize blood circulation in your body.

The bottom line is that osteopathy is not only one of the most natural ways to treat painful conditions – it is also a proven effective method, similar to a short, delightful workout. There is  pleasure and comfort in knowing that your treatment is drug free and relies on the most genuine thing our human body can do (stretches and movement).

If you are sick of medication and worrying how to deal with an of the conditions covered by osteopathy’s area of expertise, hesitate no more. Schedule a quick session with an osteopath and see for yourself how osteopathy works…and why it is preferred by millions around the world.

Summer For Australian Beaches – A guide to enjoying the beach safely.

Ah, summer! The perfect time for strappy dresses and super-short shorts! It’s the time of the year when people wear as little as possible to beat the heat. After all, wearing too much clothing will just result in excessive sweating. Eww! But with the joy of wearing backless summer dresses and see-through clothing comes the problem of the dreaded ‘summer wardrobe malfunction’. Just take a walk in the park during summer and you can spot a number of women walking around in their summer best, but something about it just doesn’t look right.

If you want to pull off a summer ensemble, you need to know the ten tricks to help you avoid embarrassing fashion faux pas!



Wear The Right Underwear One of the most important rules to remember when it comes to summer wardrobe is to wear the right underwear. As the hemlines get shorter, there’s a bigger risk of accidentally flashing your underwear in public. So if you’re planning to wear a short summer dress, you should consider wearing boy short panties instead of more revealing styles such as thongs. Also, if you are wearing a figure-hugging dress, then opt for seamless shapewear that will give you a smooth look without having to worry about VPL (visible panty line). If your clothing is see-through, wear panties in the same colour as your dress to make sure that your panties don’t show through obviously when you are out in the sun.

Never Go Bra-less or use shapewear to shape.

When you’re dealing with halter-neck and tube tops, it can be tempting to just chuck the bra and go bra-less. If you hate having your bra straps on display, then a better option would be to wear a strapless bra. While going bra-less can seem like an easier solution, it comes with its own sets of problems. A lot of women face numerous embarrassing situations when they opted to skip the bra. From their nipples clearly showing through the clothing, to accidentally flashing their breasts in public, going bra-less can lead to a lot of uncomfortable situations. So invest in a couple of good-quality strapless bras. If wearing a bra is just not an option, be sure to use some double sided tape to secure the clothing around your chest region to ensure that they stay put at all times.

While sporting a golden tan in the summer can look incredibly sexy, glaring tan lines that occur when you sunbathe can ruin the look of your tan. Avoid this scenario by opting for an even spray tan instead of baking in the sun and ending up with tan lines.

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Sweat Stains

Is there anything more gross and infuriating than a sweat stain on your favourite dress? And summer is when we’ll all be sweating a lot. So don’t let sweat stains ruin your clothes! Always wear deodorant, and allow for it to dry completely before you put on your clothes or you’ll have to deal with deodorant stains (yes, it’s a thing!). If you’re someone who tends to sweat a lot, then one way to limit your sweating is to avoid wearing synthetic materials. Opt for light, breathable Coot fabrics instead to help keep you cool during the hot summer months.

Put Your New Bikini To The Test

speed test

New bikinis are tricky because you’re not really sure how they will look when they are wet. So instead of wearing your new bikini to the beach and then belatedly realising that the material becomes translucent when wet, try out your new bikini at home. Just wear your new bikini and step into the shower. Once you’re drenched, step out and check yourself out in the mirror to see if the bikini still looks decent. By doing this, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.


Hit the beach during the summer and the chances are that you’ll spot a couple of instances of unsightly camel toe. Camel toes occur when one wears bottoms that are a little too small for one’s size. The result is the camel toe, a clear outline of a woman’s nether regions through the tight clothing. The only way to avoid the camel toe situation is to wear pants and shorts that fit you well but are not overly tight. Wearing underwear can also help evade the camel toe disaster, as going panty-less can encourage camel toe to make an appearance.

Always Carry a Scarf with You

Wardrobe malfunctions are unpredictable. From ripped seams to popped buttons, you never know what could go wrong. A great way to be prepared for such unforeseen wardrobe issues is to carry a scarf with you. You can then use the scarf to cover up your situation temporarily while you find a better solution. Any day better than walking around with a gaping hole in your outfit.


Another great idea is to carry a small sewing kit in your bag. Just put a needle, some thread, and a small pair of scissors in a tiny box and put it in your bag. This little kit can be a lifesaver when you’re faced with an embarrassing clothing disaster.

You do not want to be known as that person with smell feet. In the summer, wearing leather shoes can make your feet sweat and start stinking, not to mention that the sweat can then transfer to your shoes and then it’s very difficult to get rid of the smell. Wearing open-toed footwear such as sandals is a great way to allow your feet to breathe, thereby ensuring that they don’t sweat and stink up the place. Alternatively, you can use a foot powder to kerb the sweating to an extent.

While those shorts that you’re wearing might not seem too short and are indeed actually covering your derrière completely, you might accidentally show the world your butt cheeks when you bend over or stretch up onto your toes. Try doing it in front of the mirror to see if the shorts ride up and display your butt cheeks. If they do, then you might want to reconsider wearing them in public. And there you have it. Ten neat tricks to help you avoid any embarrassing summer fashion faux pas!

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Summer time – As good as it gets.


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